McIntosh MC302

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McIntoshin MC302 on tehokas stereovahvistin, joka tuottaa 2x 300W jatkuvaa tehoa niin 2, 4 & 8 Ohmin kuormaan.

The MC302 stereo amplifier is designed to deliver decades of legendary musical enjoyment thanks to its outstanding build quality and advanced technical performance. It produces 300 Watts of amplification per channel, and as a result of our unique Autoformer™, all this power can be delivered into 2, 4 or 8 Ohm speakers. The MC302 is the perfect choice for a music lover’s dedicated stereo system. Or combine it with other McIntosh amplifiers for use in multi-channel home theater systems to drive either main or surround channels.

The captivating blue watt meters are not only a great conversation starter but also provide a fast and accurate reading of the amplifier’s power output. Inputs for balanced cables and unbalanced cables are available to provide flexibility in connecting to the rest of your audio system.

Many noted McIntosh technologies are incorporated into the MC302. Power Guard® prevents over-driving of the amplifier and the resulting harsh sounding clipping that could damage your speakers. Sentry Monitor™ is our fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit that disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating levels and then resets automatically when operating conditions return to normal. Our patented Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts easily but securely attach the speaker cables to prevent them from coming loose and possibly causing a short; the binding posts are also gold-plated to prevent corrosion and ensure a quality signal is sent over your speaker cables to your speakers.

Visually, the MC302 shares the same timeless design cues as our other products. The polished stainless steel chassis, classic black glass front panel, knobs and brushed aluminum end caps all compliment any room or furniture style.

Palkinnot & Arvostelut
Paino 44.5 kg
Mitat 55.8 × 44.5 × 24 cm
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Power Output per Channel – 300W @ 2, 4 or 8 Ohms
Number of Channels – 2
Total Harmonic Distortion – 0.005%
S/N below rated output – 120dB
Dynamic Headroom – 1.8dB
Damping Factor – >40 Wideband
Rated Power Band – 20Hz to 20kHz
Frequency Response – +0, -0.25dB from 20Hz to 20,000Hz; +0, -3.0dB from 10Hz to 100,000Hz
Circuit Configuration – Push-Pull Complementary
Circuit Design – Transistor
Mono Bridge – No
Mono Parallel – No
Autoformer – Yes
Meters – Yes
Meter Light Switch – Yes
Balanced Input – Yes
Front Panel – Glass
Illumination – LED Fiber Optic
Chassis Style – Open Stainless Steel