McIntosh MPC1500

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McIntoshin MPC1500 virtasuotimella mahdollistat tasaisimman mahdollisen virran annon laitteillesi ja näin ollen entistä parempaa äänenlaatua.

Today’s AC power is littered with byproduct from the operation of millions of personal computers, satellite set-top boxes and myriad other noise inducing devices. The new MPC1500 Power Controller provides total isolation, low noise, and maximum power transfer to enable the best performance possible from your McIntosh components. The MPC1500 features a large torroidal transformer that has been specially wound to act as a low pass filter to remove unwanted harmonic noise on the incoming AC line, while a quick-acting surge suppression circuit features a clamping voltage onset of about 2V above peak nominal voltage for the best possible product protection.

Palkinnot & Arvostelut
Paino 39.5 kg
Mitat 55.8 × 44.5 × 19.4 cm
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Load Regulation – ± 2.5 %
Output Voltage – 120 Volts AC Nominal
Power Requirement – 120 Volts, 60Hz
12.0 Amps, maximum current
1440 Watts, maximum power