McIntosh MVP901

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McIntoshin MVP901 on viihdejärjestelmän kulmakiviä. Se on referenssitason Blu-Ray soitin sekä erinomainen CD/SACD soitin. Jokainen komponentti on tarkkaan harkittu tuottaakseen parhaan mahdollisen lopputuloksen niin kuvassa kuin äänessä.

Blu-ray players are an integral part of any home theater system and the McIntosh MVP901 is designed to provide years of home entertainment enjoyment. With its ability to upsample 1080P and lower resolutions to 4K Ultra HD, it can breathe new life into one’s vast movie library and is a perfect complement to the 4K compatible MX122 or MX160 home theater processor and a 4K TV.

Built in decoding of Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ will put you in the center of the action. The MVP901 can also pass the latest object-based 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X™ and Auro-3D® to your compatible processor for truly encompassing surround sound. It fully supports 3D Blu-ray discs while state of the art processing power allows for ultra-fast playback start speeds. A variety of advanced adjustments can be made to color, image detail and video performance to improve picture quality.

Not limited to just movies, the MVP901 is also great for listening to music. CDs, SACDs and DVD-Audio discs can be enjoyed through balanced or unbalanced analog outputs that utilize an 8-channel, 32-bit/192kHz DAC that’s used in stereo quad balanced mode to produce high fidelity audio. The HDMI output can be used for multi-channel music playback. A triple laser optical pickup uses one objective lens for the different wavelengths and is optimized for various disc types. Three USB ports (1 front/2 rear) allow playback of audio and video files from flash drives. Network streaming and BD-Live is available through the ethernet connection.

The MVP901 incorporates timeless McIntosh design cues. It can easily be paired with a variety of McIntosh amplifiers, home theater processors, speakers and other components to make a complete and cohesive looking home theater system.

Palkinnot & Arvostelut

Not only does it provide reference-quality video performance, 3D audio and video playback, upscaling to 4K, flawless operational performance (aside from some lighting idiosyncrasies), and seductive sound quality — it does all of that for a cool grand less than the device it aspires to be: McIntosh’s own MCD550 SACD/CD player. Moreover, the attention to detail and exemplary build quality lavished on the MVP901 are second to none, and make it the most luxurious universal player I’ve ever laid hand or eye on. For those who base their buying decisions strictly on technical attributes, this may well be enough to take the plunge — but for those of us who need a product to be special, unique, and to unfailingly satisfy every time we power it up, I’m here to tell you that McIntosh Laboratory’s MVP901 is such a product. For these reasons, I give the MVP901 my full recommendation.

Aron Garrecht – SoundStage Network 15.3.2017

Paino 8.8 kg
Mitat 34.3 × 44.5 × 15.2 cm
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Number of Channels – 2
Audio Formats Decoded – MP3, WMA, AAC, LPCM, SACD, Multi-format DTS (including DTS-HD Master Audio), Multi-format Dolby (including Dolby TrueHD)
Blu-ray and DVD Frequency Response –
4Hz to 22,000Hz (48kHz Sampling, Linear Audio)
4Hz to 44,000Hz (96kHz Sampling, Linear Audio)
4Hz to 88,000Hz (192kHz Sampling, Linear Audio)
SACD Frequency Response – 4Hz to 40,000Hz
CD Frequency Response – 4Hz to 20,000Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio – 115dB
Dynamic Range – 110dB
Total Harmonic Distortion – 0.002%
Channel Separation – Better than 110dB (1,000Hz)

Digital Coaxial Output – 0.5V p-p/75 ohms
Digital Optical Output – -15dBm to -21dBm
Digital Signal Format Sampling Frequencies – 44.1kHz, 48.0kHz, 96.0kHz and 192.0kHz

Signal System – NTSC/PAL
Region Code – A, 1
Component Video Output Level – N/A
Composite Video Output Level – N/A
Supports 3D Playback – Yes

Stereo Outputs Unbalanced – 1
Stereo Outputs Balanced – 1
HDMI Output – 1
Digital Coaxial Output – 1
Digital Optical Output – 1
Ethernet – 1
USB – 3 (1 front panel, 2 rear panel)
Diagnostic Output – 1

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